Greetings Riesling Land,

The Niagara Escarpment through the lens of Riesling, one vineyard, and one vintage at a time - this is the essence of my pursuit, the journey, the fun, the challenge. Hop on, it's a slow train but it is oh so tasty.

This fantastic voyage started many decades ago in a kaleidoscope of activity that centred around travel, good food, our farm in Quebec's Eastern Townships, Montreal's urban landscape, tapestries, the Beatles, saunas, and home baked bread in an electric era of - oh yes we can!

At the time it was not always apparent what was fermenting but now years later I link my childhood and all the questioning we did of the world around us to this pursuit of a grape steeped in challenges, defiance, dignity, and pleasure.

Since 2005, I have been working with the Picone Vineyard on Niagara's Vinemount Ridge. This coming vintage we celebrate 15 years of one very special place by harvesting Riesling yet again, confident that in time the wine that flows from the 2019 bottles will be as delicious as the 2005. The wine that we capture here is consistent in depth and character. If you have followed this wine you will have come to love it's generous mouth-filling texture that is balanced by finely streamed acidity. It is a fragrant wine, a floral wine, a Niagara Riesling.

The 2016 CB Riesling from the Picone Vineyard on Vinemount Ridge is humming right now. It is balance in a bottle. A deep attack, a pure finish. Elegance and depth - all you need. Huge points from the writers, wish I could recall where I put those notes.

The 2017 CB Riesling from the Ivan Vineyard, Bob Nedelko's beautiful home on the Twenty Mile Bench was a result of enthusiastic yields. The vines did not hold back despite best efforts. The result? Nervy, electric, complex, fruity, steely, seamless, delicious!

The 2018 CB B-Side is a nod to the great vineyards available but not greatness on their own. This wine is the other track, the one we listen to but doesn't win a Grammy, its the flip side, it's the B-Side. Fruity, fresh, interesting, balanced, good vibes in your glass.

The Picone is Majestic and dignified, the Ivan, pure nervousness and mouthwatering, the B-Side simply groovy baby.

As we look to harvest 2019 there are rumours of new vineyards coming into the fold. Standby friends, take a breath, all is possible, all is in motion.

Please order here or we all go thirsty!

Drink up drink up let me fill your cup,

— CB

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