The 2017 CB Riesling from the Picone Vineyard on Vinemount Ridge is a classic. It is balance in a bottle. A deep attack, a pure finish. Elegance and depth - all you need. Hugest points from the writers, wish I could recall where I put those notes. All I know are the number - 96 points being the fleshiest of them all.

The 2017 CB Riesling from the Ivan Vineyard, Bob Nedelko's beautiful home on the Twenty Mile Bench was a result of enthusiastic yields. The vines did not hold back despite best efforts. The result? Nervy, electric, complex, fruity, steely, seamless, delicious!

The 2019 CB B-Side is a nod to the great vineyards available but not greatness on their own. This wine is the other track, the one we listen to but doesn't win a Grammy, its the flip side, it's the B-Side. Fruity, fresh, interesting, balanced, good vibes in your glass.

Newest addition to the fold is a fresh and delightful 2019 Niagara Peninsula Riesling from our favorite sites at a price that makes us blush. How fresh and delightful? So much so we put it in both 750ml bottles as well as....wait for it...CANS! Yes, Riesling in a single serve 250ml tin can. No excuses to go thirsty on the elevator anymore.

The Picone is Majestic and dignified, the Ivan, pure nervousness and mouthwatering, the B-Side simply groovy baby. The CBR in a can? It might get me canned!

As we look to 2021 there are rumours of new vineyards coming into the fold. Standby friends, take a breath, all is possible, all is in motion.

Drink up drink up let me fill your cup,

— CB

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