The 2019 CB Riesling Vinemount Ridge is a classic. It is balance in a bottle. A lively attack, a pure finish. Elegance and depth - all you need. The jury is in...First Canadian wine chosen for the Masters of Wine Blind Examination, Runner-up Canadian Wine of the Year at Gold Medal Plates, points, boatloads of points! All 90's something I definitely never achieved in school so making up for lost time.

The 2020 CB Riesling from the Ivan Vineyard, Bob Nedelko's beautiful home on the Twenty Mile Bench was a result of enthusiastic yields. The vines did not hold back despite best efforts. The result? Nervy, electric, complex, fruity, steely, seamless, delicious! The pandemic got in the way of my momentum with this wine that is generally found in restaurants so we had to sadly part ways after the 2020 harvest. That said, my deepest gratitude to Bob for his commitment to our project for 10 years. Bob, you are a Gentleman and a hell of a good grape grower. Your stewardship of the Nedelko Vineyard is a plus for Ontario wine.

The 2020 CB B-Side is a nod to the great vineyards available but not greatness on their own. This wine is the other track, the one we listen to but doesn't win a Grammy, its the flip side, it's the B-Side. Fruity, fresh, interesting, balanced, good vibes in your glass.

Newest addition to the fold is a fresh and delightful Niagara Peninsula Riesling from our favorite sites at a price that makes us blush. How fresh and delightful? So much so we put it in....wait for it...CANS! Yes, Riesling in a single serve 250ml tin can. No excuses to go thirsty on the elevator anymore.

And finally, with the weight of the pandemic sitting squarely on our joie de vivre, we decided to make bubbles! A classic Traditional Method Sparkling wine from Riesling. It is bringing a smile to countless faces, lifting our spirits as we re-enter the atmosphere of a world full of chatter and togetherness. It's Sektsy!

What is happening in 2023! Something new is afoot, news will be sent shortly, exciting changes to our pursuit of gut Riesling! Let's just say for now I'm keeping it locked in the Kabinett!

Drink up drink up let me fill your cup,

— CB

2020 Vinemount Ridge

2020 Ivan

2020 Boulanger

2020 B-Side

CBR Charles Baker Riesling Cans